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315 m MSL
Sunrise: 05:54 UTC
Sunset: 16:15 UTC
50°32'44" N 09°42'18" E
Germany (DE)
Heliport Civil







Nearest airports

Title ICAO code Frequency Distance View
gliding Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
JOHANNISAU 125.385 MHz 3.26 km view
gliding Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
HUHNRAIN BEI POPPENHAUSEN 120.130 MHz 11.86 km view
heli_civil Created with Sketch ( H
BURGHAUN-GRUBEN 16.67 km view
af_civil Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
WASSERKUPPE EDER 120.130 MHz 18.13 km view
gliding Created with Sketch (
Layer 1
DER PLAETZER 122.205 MHz 18.39 km view

Nearest navaids

Title ID Frequency/Channel Declination Range Distance View
navaid_vordme Created with Sketch (
FULDA FUL 112.100 CH58X 1.9° 100 km 10.76 km view
navaid_vortac Created with Sketch (
GEDERN GED 110.800 CH45X 1.81° 70 km 35.61 km view
navaid_ndb Created with Sketch (
FRITZLAR FTZ 468.000 2.21° 35 km 63.3 km view
navaid_vor Created with Sketch (
METRO MTR 110.000 1.69° 60 km 67.84 km view
navaid_vordme Created with Sketch (
CHARLIE CHA 115.350 CH100Y 1.75° 60 km 84.13 km view

Nearest hotspots

Title Type Occurrence Distance View
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
Bad Neustadt Steinbruch artificial scheduled interval 46.37 km view
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
Karlstadt quarry natural irregular interval 66.38 km view
hotspot_fair Created with Sketch (
Marburg Lahnberge natural irregular interval 70.23 km view
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
am Turm natural scheduled interval 73.74 km view
hotspot_high Created with Sketch (
Maroldsweisach, Steinbruch natural irregular interval 79.55 km view
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